Pinball players, young and old, will be introduced to the history of pinball, the science behind the game, and have an opportunity to appreciate the color, composition and overall design of the backglasses and playfields. SOL-compliant curriculum and educational resources are available to students and teachers to reinforce their visit to the museum. We have the opportunity to playfully educate and introduce a new generation to a game that has consistently reflected the sign of the times in American pop culture.

As a museum, the Roanoke Pinball Museum provides SOL compliant material to accompany school visits and field trips. We encourage educators to download our educational material below. Or if you are just someone looking to learn a little bit more about pinball.

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Physics comes to life through Roanoke Pinball Museum. Through gamification children can see how force impacts acceleration as they play some of our 40 + machines. They also learn about the history of pinball and can compare and contrast the differences between a 1932 pinball machine and a modern machine. Learning through play is always fun when it comes to pinball!

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